meisi 美思滌綸蠟線小卷裝 30# 0.38MM (圓身、麻線感覺,可燒線尾)

brothers leathercraft limited

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  • 小卷裝 30# 0.38MM 長度30米
  • 美思滌綸蠟線,100%聚酯纖維,3聚酯纖維加撚;圓線 環保染色,
  • 上蠟 亞麻線外觀,聚酯纖維特性 不褪色強拉力和耐磨性;光滑乾燥
  • 適用於: 皮革;鞋子;背帶;馬鞍;牛仔布;休閒用品 戶外運動產品;汽車內飾
  • 手縫和機縫
  • 5種厚度84種顏色

 XianGe waxed thread, 100% polyester, 3 polyester twist;round thread

environmentally friendly dyeing, waxing

Linen appearance,Polyester characteristics

non-fading; strong pull and abrasion resistance; smooth and dry

suitable for:

leather; shoes; strap; saddle;denim; leisure products

outdoor sports products; automotive Interior

Hand sewing and machine sewing,

5 thicknesses, 84 colors